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In defence of the morning person

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

There are two types of people in the morning: those who leap from bed and those who lift their heads from the pillow with the arduousness with which Excalibur came from the stone. These are the larks and the owls of the world, and their Morning Manifestos have oft been in tension. The morning person has always been the punching bag for those less spritely in the AM. When owls and larks cross paths, the owl dismisses the lark with a haughty disinterest. Morning people are taken to be less agreeable than the morose owls, and enthusiasm for anything before lunchtime is greatly frowned upon. We have all been on one end of this debate. But I am here to give voice and reason to morning people. To challenge the status quo imposed by the owls and defend the delight of daybreak. It is time for the current state of affairs, characterised by monosyllabic aloofness and a necessary distaste for those who get up and carpe diem, to be overcome.

Torres del Paine at sunrise.

Pre-noon is a time to be celebrated! Any attempts to subdue morning merriment should be met with the same disrepute that morning people currently face. There are so many reasons to love the morning. Coffee alone provides a defence for the people of the morn. Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to drink coffee outside of these times, but arguing that coffee is best enjoyed in the PM is the reserve of psychopaths. Beyond fresh coffee, everything else feels fresh too: the clothes one dons when they wake up; the air; the dew-licked lawns; and the beats played by the rising birds. But there is one preeminent reason why mornings are so joyous. The failings of yesterday are forgotten, and there holds only promise for the day ahead. There are things that can be done and lists that need ticking off. Shakespeare’s “the world’s mine oyster” comes to mind. Evenings, on the other hand, feel as though the day has slipped away. Things that were supposed to be achieved will have to wait for another fresh morning. So, before grumbling out of bed and dismissing those black belt waker-uppers as overenthusiastic, consider the beauty that mornings have to offer.


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